About Us

Our Vision

In education, teachers often refer to a moment when they see something ‘click’ for a child; the exact moment where a concept is understood, an imagination is lit or an idea is formed.

Create Learning Trust is a network of academies committed to giving children and young people moments like that in their education.

We embrace innovation, share best practice and shape opportunities; creating an environment that sparks and ignites the talents and interests of our staff and students.

To achieve this, every member of our community is committed to:

  • Working together to provide the best quality of education
  • Encouraging innovation, self-belief and confidence
  • Acting with a moral purpose and with integrity

Our Principles

After looking at the strengths of our schools, and reviewing number of successful MATs, as well as analysing issues for MATs who have faced difficulties, Trustees have created a list of principles that will underpin the trust.

The trust will be made up of Trustees who know our schools and our communities and/or have specialist skillsets

  • Every academy will retain a Local Governing Body and as much responsibility as possible will be delegated to them
  • Each school will retain its own individual identity and ethos.
  • We want Create Learning Trust to be the sum of different, complementary parts, that work together to create a strong and supportive environment
  • We will, however, look to share ideas and best practice to reduce teacher workload and embrace innovation
  • Our Trust is committed to supporting and recognising the contribution of all staff make, and is focused on job retention and creation
  • We will be innovative in how we ensure we get value for money from contracts and also, in the future, generate income to support our schools. The focus will always be on how we can invest our resources to maximise the benefits for our pupils.


"Create Learning Trust is commitment to inspiring our pupils and staff. We want to create a lasting legacy where our success is defined by a child's love and understanding of the world around them" - Chair


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Create Learning Trust

Registered address: Little Leigh Primary School, Shutley Lane, Little Leigh, Northwich, Cheshire. CW8 4RN

Mrs Susan Walters (CEO)