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Joining the Trust

We are always very happy to hear from those who wish to join the Create Learning Trust or those that simply want learn a little more about us and what we do.

The decision to take on any new schools is, however, taken on a case by case basis and always based on robust due diligence.

If you would like to arrange a conversation with a member of our team to learn more about Create Learning Trust or becoming part of a multi-academy trust, please contact us.

Schools joining us must share:

  • Our vision and values
  • Our organisational capacity
  • Our geographical considerations
  • Our aim for a mixed portfolio – recognising the strength that different settings can bring to the Trust

Our due diligence

Our due diligence process will look at:

  • Financial stability
  • Risk management
  • People and leadership
  • Size of the school
  • Ofsted rating
  • Governance
  • Leadership and personnel issues

Financial arrangements

The Trust is funded by contributions from each of its schools. Currently each of the schools pay a proportion of its school budget share to the Trust. This is regionally benchmarked annually by The Board to ensure best value for schools. In addition, the Trust applies for and receives grants and funding streams as available/ necessary. All financial issues are included in the finance strategy. 

Growth plans

The key focus will be to develop long term relationships with a commitment to continuous improvement. We recognise the need to grow the Trust and to share our practice with other schools. We aim to grow over the next 5 years to a 6 academy MAT – 1 academy every other year. We recognise the need to build capacity within the Trust in advance of new schools joining. We aim to expand for the right reasons and to build a network of good/outstanding schools that continue to improve through collaboration and interaction. As the Trust grows we may need additional skills within the Board and would seek support through Academy Ambassadors if we could not recruit the right level of expertise. We also aim to become a sponsor so that we can share the good practice across our primary colleagues and provide excellent school-to-school support.

Get in Touch!

Create Learning Trust

Registered address: Little Leigh Primary School, Shutley Lane, Little Leigh, Northwich, Cheshire. CW8 4RN

Mrs Susan Walters (CEO)